Day Care

Doggie   Daycare!


Don't leave your dog cooped up in the house all day! Bring them to Top Dog where they can enjoy themselves, and burn off some of that extra energy! We all know that a tired dog is a good dog, so you'll definitely find that both you and your puppy enjoy these fun filled daycare activities. 

Mauri and Biscuit, are waiting for their treat since they played so nice together!

Knox get's a little tuckered out after a long day of playtime!

Hugo and Sophie are new best friends!

The Top Dog Difference

What set's us apart from other daycares?


  • Keeping your pet safe is our number one priority. Due to the fact that we are also a training company, many of our staff are expects at managing large groups of dogs.
  • Our daycares are physically monitored by staff at ALL times. Staff are not allowed to use cell phones during their shift in daycare to ensure as few distractions as possible.
  • Our fences are checked daily for snags, exit points, etc.
  • All daycare staff are trained in pet CPR, heat stroke treatment, and other pet first aid.
  • All daycare staff are trained to recognize problem behaviors that could result in aggression.


  • We don't believe in running our daycare like a doggie mosh pit. We have witnessed how a lack of structure can lead to an unenjoyable environment for the dogs. 
  • We use a set daily schedule to provide a routine that the dogs become comfortable with. Dogs thrive on routine, and we've found this greatly reduces anxiety, aggression, etc. 
  • All dogs are grouped according to their temperament, not necessarily according to size or breed. 
  • Staff members do an excellent job of controlling the energy of the group so that it does not become over adrenalized which can lead to fights breaking out, or other bad behaviors. 


  • We play games that align with our philosophy on keeping everything structured.
  • Due to the fact that we evaluate each dog, (to see which group they would best fit in) your dog is sure to find a playmate that they will enjoy spending the day with. 
  • Each dog gets a little bit of personal attention from the staff each day, so not only will they enjoy playing with their furry friends, but they'll also get some great belly rubs from all of us two legged playmates! 
  • Kiddy pools are available for the dogs to splash around and stay cool (if you would prefer for your dog to not play in the kiddy pools we can see to it that they don't). 

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